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The AI Elephant In The Room


Record Conveniently

Record conversations with the app and the AI elephant in the room will provide you with a summary of meeting, important quotes, problems discussed with potential solutions offered, actions items to be checked off, and a list of topics for searchability.

Customization for Different Recording Types

Tailor functionality for various categories, focusing the AI on relevant aspects of each type. The types are: friendly, business, sales, lecture, medical, legal, and therapy,scrum, brain storming, and strategic planning

Project Definition Generation

Automatically generate a comprehensive project definition from recorded meetings, including goals, objectives, justifications, participant roles, and OKRs.

Contextual Meeting Summaries

Specify which project your meeting was related to in order to use the project definition as context to tailor responses to specific needs and goals.

Dynamic Project Updates

Update the project definition with new information from subsequent meetings, highlighting changes and providing updates to keep project managers informed.

Searchable Memory Display

Display meeting records by filtering them with topics and by their type, with nightly processing to connect and refine topics.

Action Item Aggregation

Aggregate all action items from recorded meetings on the project definition page, enabling easy access to tasks.

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